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Resizing a ring requires you to consider several factors that make it a bit complicated. This includes the extent of detailing, the style to be used, the thickness of the band, if you are resizing down or up, or if there are gemstones involved. Hence, numerous factors impact the cost of resizing the most popular wedding rings. Below are a few types of metals and the details of resizing their diamond rings.


Platinum rings are the hardest to work with. It requires additional time and a distinctive arrangement of instruments and gas. All considered, it is the most costly to resize. Resizing a platinum ring involves expenses around $100 at the lower end of the table. This could rise as high as $300 for progressively complex rings. In case you’re resizing down, due to the trouble in working with the material, the costs are estimated to be around $60-$100 for one size down.

White Gold

White gold ring material cost higher but they are simpler to work with than platinum. White gold rings are accompanied by a layer of rhodium plating that will fall off when dissolved. Hence, the ring should be re-plated with rhodium. Rhodium plating will cost around $30-$40. Hence, the overall resizing could be somewhere in the range of $60-$130.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold rings are less expensive to resize. The gold is delicate and simple to work with. Furthermore, it just needs to be soldered and cleaned. You may anticipate that a resizing should cost around $40-$100.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver rings are even more affordable. Silver resizing is ordinarily just $20-$40.

Tip: The thicker the band, the higher it will cost in light of the additional materials.

In the event that your band is additionally thick, it could cost more. In case your ring has additional features like gemstones in the band, they add to additional work to reset the stones.

Types of Rings That Cannot Be Resized

Unfortunately, there are a few kinds of rings that can’t be resized. Therefore, if you are considering getting any of these, ensure you know the right size before buying.

Eternity bands: Eternity rings have a circle of little pavé stones surrounding the ring. These rings are handcrafted and practically difficult to resize. Doing as such will harm the continuity of the diamonds.

Tension Rings: Diamonds in these settings are not mounted using prongs. Instead, they are held by an ideal pressure. These rings should be handcrafted too. Whenever resized, the actual quality that holds the diamonds is lost.

Keep the above facts in mind if you consider resizing your diamond ring.

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