Diamond And Gemstone Rings

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Gemstone Engagement Ring Compared To Diamond Rings?

You would have come to the turning point in your life, where you get down on one knee. You have the setting sun paint a scene on the horizon, that would make even Dali’s work seem meek. You pop the question, before your lady love, unclasp the case and present her the physical testament of your love for her. But wait! Before you go off dreaming, think for a minute what your choice should be. This is after all a choice of a life time! Should you go for a gemstone engagement ring or a diamond one?

It has become quite the trend nowadays, but before we make a hasty splurge, let’s stand back and re-evaluate…

What Are Gemstones?

These are what pieces of mineral (or even an organic matter) that are cut and polished into beautiful and artistic pieces of work called. Gemstones are also called precious or semi-precious stones, jewels and fine gems. Each gemstone has a unique way in which it is formed. Gems like turquoise and azurite, are formed when water blends with rocks that are very rich in copper.

 Most of the gemstones are hard to touch, but there are quite a few soft minerals that are utilized as well. Let us see the pros and cons of choosing a gemstone engagement ring.

The Pros

  • The Sheer Choices Of Colour

Gemstones have cut up quite a big slice of the “engagement” pie, with many couple scurrying towards them. Diamonds, although revered for their elegance, are stomped by the practicality of the many gemstones that are out there. So many choices, so many colours! We have the 9 precious gemstones which represent the planets, the sun, and our moon. Ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, pearl, cat’s eye, coral and last but not least, Diamonds!

Each of the gemstones is imbibed with their own sense of personality. So never be in doubt of them going unnoticed!

  • Practicality Is Its Middle Name

There is common thought amongst many of us, who feel gems are too delicate. A thought that gemstones must be cleaned, polished and set atop a pedestal for all to admire. Well, you’re mighty wrong. The gemstones are perfect for everyday use. Even if you are going to get your hands down and dirty, these stones will be ready for the grind. Trust us, they can bear the brunt!

  • Easy On The Wallet

Gemstones are cheaper than the highly prized diamonds. So, if you are running on a tight budget, know all too well, that gemstones are a safe bet.

  • Modern And Contemporary

Gemstones are more suited for the new gen couple. Off with the traditional design that diamonds have been associated with. Sure, if you are into the traditional outlook, go right ahead. But if you’re looking for that extra oomph, then gemstones is your choice!

Pros Cons
The sheer choices of colour and designs. Not as rare as you may imagine. You can expect to see many such similar pieces.
Gemstones are quite practical. They are apt for everyday use, although within limits. Many gems are not considered ideal for long term investments.
The general outlook of gemstones is that of contemporary edge. It is associated with a more outgoing nature, than the traditional diamond cuts. They are much less durable when compared to their hard hitting cousins, the diamonds. Are more easily affected by hot water, detergents and corrosives.

The Cons

  • Far Too Many To Go Around

Unlike diamonds, gemstones aren’t necessarily rare. Although a precious metal, renowned for its beauty, don’t be surprised if you come across another couple sporting the exact same piece!

  • Is It A Long Term Investment? I Think Not!

The gemstones have showcased a much lower investment potential to its more lavish cousin, the diamonds. There however, are a few that have shown greater potential than diamonds like the Kashmir sapphire and the natural pearl. But, alas these are too far and between!

  • Not As Durable

Certainly gemstones are durable. But there is a reason why diamonds are called “The hardest element known to man”! The only known thing that can scratch one diamond is, well another.

The gemstones are more prone to damage and chipping. In most cases the chances of irreversible harm to the structural integrity of the gem is quite higher than diamonds. Gems are more affected by chemicals, cosmetics, detergent and even hot water. If you were to compare diamond and gemstone rings, gemstones would showcase not even near-level durability compared to diamonds. So before you take the plunge, consult your jeweler and ask what they think would be the viable gem, also what can be done to safeguard their elegance.

It is ultimately your call whether to settle for a diamond or gemstone engagement ring! No matter which ring you prefer RockHer has a wide selection of high quality rings.

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