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How To Choose An Engagement Ring Suitable For Your Hands?

Popular Ring Styles
Popular Ring Styles
Popular Ring Styles

You can find a wide range of ring styles and settings in jewelry stores when looking for engagement rings. However, all ring styles might not be suitable for your fingers. Some styles might flatter your hands, while, some others can look too overwhelming on your fingers.

You have to choose a ring based on the type of fingers of the wearer. People can have different types of fingers including long, short, slender, thick, big knuckles, etc. The right styles that fit each type of finger can vary greatly. Therefore, we list some of the most popular engagement ring settings for you that can perfectly fit your hands. This will help you to make your engagement ring purchase easy.

Short Fingers

Choosing a ring that can give an elongated look for the fingers is the best option for people with short fingers. If you are in this category, then fancy shapes like oval, pear, emerald, and marquise cuts can suit you. All of these shapes have an elongated appearance that can make your fingers look longer than they really are.

Long Fingers

People with long fingers are lucky, as they can experiment with a wide variety of ring styles. You can choose diamond shapes that range from the common round brilliants to distinct and unique cuts including cushion and Asscher diamonds.

Small Hands

It is better for people with small hands to choose small rings, as big rings can make their hands look even smaller. Diamonds including round brilliants, princess, and heart-shaped stones can flatter small hands. If you have small hands, then you can go for simple and small ring styles like solitaire settings. But if you want to add more sparkle to your ring, then choose other popular ring styles including halo, channel, and pave settings.

Big Hands

It is better for people with big hands to get bigger rings. However, getting bigger diamonds can be costly. So if you cannot afford big natural diamonds, you can go for lab-grown diamonds which are less costly than natural ones.

But if diamonds are not affordable for you, then you can also choose alternative stones that can be much affordable than diamonds and offer a distinct and vibrant look for your ring.

When selecting engagement rings, make sure to consider these factors so that it will be possible for you to get a ring that can perfectly complement your hands. You will be wearing your engagement ring for a lifetime, so it is important to make sure that it suits you the best.

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