About Us

Diamonds are substances capable of igniting our passions almost at sight, bringing at least a twinkle to the eye, and at most, a yearning to own something similarly beautiful, if not the exact same thing. Plenty of jewelry stores offer to sell you the ring of your dreams, but imagine spotting something better after a purchase and getting the uneasy feeling that you were cheated somehow. This happens to a lot of people, for the simple reason that they walk in unprepared for a buy.

There are many things to watch before buying jewelry, and with diamonds, you need to be doubly careful about what you pick. The main things you should look for are extraordinary beauty and comfort, as well as affordability. As long as a piece has been crafted with great skill, you can be sure that it will endure and shine; but in most cases, you would need to decide based on a number of favorable factors. For instance, how does a particular crack or inclusion affect the stone it is in? How much would the cut impact the brilliance exhibited under normal lighting?

This and several other questions would be at the center of any shrewd diamond purchase. Sadly, most people lack the right kind of informed understanding required in this area, which means that when they do buy something, there are at the mercy of pure chance. If you want to change that about yourself, we can get you started on the path to what we like to call “gemstone enlightenment”. In short, we give you insider information, insights, and tips based off which you can build a reliable knowledge base; this will be what lets you confidently decide which diamonds are good value for your money.

Because a diamond is often much more than the sum of its parts, there are lots of things you would need to know and understand. Thankfully, we keep updating our blog with posts intended to be informative, useful and fun. Whether you need to know about clarity grades, keeping your ring clean, or just famous diamond from around the globe, you can find that information here, and we guarantee it will be a good read. You can turn all that knowledge towards spotting and buying the finest gems you ever saw, and walk away satisfied that you now also know a fair bit about diamonds.

January 10, 2019